Custom Flower Seed Starting  Kit for The Dorm

Custom Flower Seed Starting Kit for The Dorm

  • $ 6.00

Dig life * Plant seeds! This is a custom order for assembled flower seed gift boxes with custom branding.

These flower seed starter kits are an all natural, eco friendly way to start seeds. Each one contains everything needed to start growing flowers inside on a window ledge or sunny desk. This earth-friendly set includes 100% biodegradable materials - our wonderful plant-based biodegradable pots plus seeds and soil, and instructions to get everything going.

Just add water and warmth and a bit of sunshine to get your seeds started!

Each planting kit comes with the following:
- 3 plantable paper flower seed leaves
- 1 eco-friendly biodegradable pot, 2 inch
- expandable soil pellet for growing
- planting instructions
- kraft paper gift box, 3 inches
- purple raffia ribbon

These fiber pots are made entirely from plants. Growing with a biodegradable pot makes everything easy — just plant the entire pot right in the ground. No plastic waste left over, no shock to seedlings.

The fiber inhibits mold growth and helps plants grow stronger root systems. The roots grow right through the sides of the pots instead of balling up inside a plastic pot. When using these special pots, plants require less fertilizer and are more resilient to disease because the fibers provide natural fertilizer. Moisture flow is better and seeds sprout more easily.

All pots are made from the fiber between the husk and outer shell of a coconut, and are a 100% renewable resource.

The seed paper hearts are made from recycled paper that we make by hand right here in Walla Walla. We embed seeds in the pulp as part of the process. Plant like you do other seeds. To start the heart growing, wet it well, press it into damp soil, cover a tiny bit, and keep it damp. Most seeds like soil temperatures to be around 70ºF and will germinate best when the soil is warm. Care for the seeds and sprouts by providing a proper growing environment.

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