12 Plantable Bee Friendly Flower Seed Gift Box Planting Kits - Birthday Party Favors - Bee Mine Valentines - Meant to Bee Wedding

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These sweet little seed planters are a unique and thoughtful gift. Each one contains a pot for planting, a seed paper bee, planting instructions, and a soil pellet so everyone has everything they need to grow love! The flower seeds are bee friendly.  The gift box kits need assembly because they ship flat. Simply fold into shape, place contents inside, and tie ribbon around the box.  Please note: These are tiny boxes. 2 inches. Small and sweet.  In the immortal words of Yoda...  "Judge me by my size do you? Size matters not."  *Wonderful things come from very small packages*


Growing with a biodegradable pot makes everything easier too — just plant the entire pot right in the ground. No plastic waste left over. These fiber pots are a more environmentally sustainable choice than peat-based pots (peat takes thousands of years to form before it can even be harvested). These coconut skin pots create a wonderful growing medium that can help seeds germinate and plants to grow. They are made from the fiber between the husk and outer shell of a coconut. Seedlings flourish in them and, because the pots can be planted right in the ground, root system and all, stress to delicate seedlings from being transplanted is reduced. The fiber inhibits mold growth and helps plants grow stronger root systems. The roots grow right through the sides of the pots instead of balling up inside a plastic pot. When using coir, plants require less fertilizer and are more resilient to disease. The fiber improves moisture flow and actually helps seeds sprout. All pots are made from 100% peat-free renewable fiber.


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