Zoo Animal Birthday Party Plantable Pots and Paper Gift Box Set

  • $ 40.00

Each plantable kit contains everything you need to give children a jump start on gardening. Included is plantable paper that is chock full of a mix of perennial and annual flower seeds embedded right in the paper — paper you can plant and grow!

You will receive the following in a set of 12:
biodegradable pots for planting
3x3" gift boxes
white tissue paper
plantable paper piece (choose shape from list) - your choice of color
raffia - natural tan
printed tags with planting instructions
personalized birthday favor cards
.. optional soil pellets ..

Favors will need some assembly on arrival because the boxes ship flat. The graphic on the cards will match the shape chosen unless you request something else at checkout.

SIZE: Plantable pieces vary in size according to their exact shape. Always the longest dimension will be 3 inch. Some of the wider pieces may need to have the edge tucked into the side of the pots for planting. This does not harm their ability to grow.

............ FAVOR CHOICES ............
Animals: Lion, elephant, giraffe, rhino, hippo, swinging monkey, chubby/cute monkey, polar bear, crab, shark, manta ray, whale, dove, hummingbird, owl, swallow, crow, pig, cow, lamb, chick, rabbit, fox, squirrel, dog, cat, tree frog, reindeer, dragon, dinosaur: triceratops, dinosaur: brontosaurus, unicorn, pony.

Shapes: Star, heart, circle, jigsaw puzzle pieces, paws, letters, numbers, keys, locks, button, baby carriage, cross, Star of David, anchor, Eiffel tower, princess tiara, crown, horseshoe, mustache, airplane, Earth, pirate ship, cowboy boot

Nature shapes: Palm tree, Christmas tree, cherry blossom, sunflower, daisy, birch leaf, mulberry leaf, maple leaf, rounded oak leaf, pointy oak leaf, butterfly, bee, clam shell, starfish, sand dollar, apple, pear, clover, dragonfly, snowflake

............ PAPER COLOR CHOICES ............
White, beige, tan, brown, gray, pale yellow, sunshine yellow, butterscotch, light baby blue, medium/cornflower blue, dark blue/faded denim, light baby pink, bright/hot pink, rose, red, merlot/burgundy, peach, coral, orange, burnt orange, mint green, chartreuse, kiwi, kelly/apple green, pea green, dark green, sage, seafoam green, aqua/turquoise, lilac/lavender, and purple. Other colors are available by request, too.

.............HOW TO ORDER CUSTOM FAVORS..............
Please provide the following information in the Special Instructions box that appears during checkout:
1) paper color/s
2) child's name
3) age/number for the balloon
4) birthday or party date

If no instructions are included, that area on the cards will be blank and the balloon will not have a number inside it.

............OTHER CUSTOM OPTIONS..............
** Personalized message **
You can choose to have a different message printed on the inserts, right now there is a poem that goes with planting of the paper, for birthday parties. If you would like something else, please provide the wording you would like in the "message to seller" box during checkout.

This is the current message:

Here are some seeds
— a special gift for you
and just like us, they will grow too!
Place in the sun & pretty
flowers you will see.
Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me!

The balloon is filled in with the age of the birthday boy or girl.

.... QUESTIONS? ......

If you have questions about this product, shipping, or would like to speak with us directly, please email us.