Plantable Paper Hot Air Balloons - Optional Gift Boxes and Cards

  • $ 12.00

Up up and away, we are celebrating today!

Bright and cheerful, these hot air balloons are an eco-friendly gift for birthday parties, baby showers, and weddings alike. Up up and away! They also make sweet graduation gifts. Photos illustrate the range of colors and cards styles available.

Seeds in the hot air balloons: Daisies, poppies, snapdragons, marigolds, zinnia, cosmos, black-eyed susans, and other pretty garden flowers as available.

SIZE: Hot air balloons are 2 inches -- small but large enough to grow many different flowers in a pot, or plant smaller pieces in more than one pot. The pots included for gift box orders are 2 inches - just large enough to get the seeds started.

Suns are always yellow: sunshine, golden yellow or a combination of the two. We can make them in *any* color though, and you may leave a note at checkout to request a different one:

White, cream, beige, tan, brown, gray, pale yellow, sunshine yellow, golden yellow, dark yellow/mustard, butterscotch, light baby blue, cornflower/medium blue, faded navy/dark blue, pale pink, baby pink, rose, hot pink, merlot/burgundy, red, peach, coral, orange, burnt orange, mint green, kiwi, kelly green, dark green, olive, sage, seafoam green, aqua/turquoise, teal, lilac and purple. Other colors are available by request, too!

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