50+ Plantable Pet Sympathy Cards with Forget Me Not Seeds - Dogs Cats Paws - Flower Seed Paper Pet Sympathy Cards - Custom for Veterinary Offices

  • $ 280.00

Each plantable piece (paw, dog, cat) is embedded with a touching tribute to a beloved companion — forget-me-not-seeds — and is meant to be planted to grow flowers in remembrance of the beloved. Flower petals create the subtle bleeding effect.

Card is 3.5 x 5 inch.
Envelopes are included. Cream, 100% recycled paper. Planting instructions are printed on the backs of the cards.


We  are happy to print your office logo and other pertinent information on the cards. The back has plenty of space to add your office logo, address, and contact information.

PET CHOICE: choose a dog, paw, cat or any combination

PET COLOR: This is always blue/malibu blue and cannot be changed. Petal inclusions, bleeding effects, and color varies from card to card. Each is unique. The color varies from a light blue to a darker malibu blue, and the flower petals are sometimes less pronounced, or create a different bleeding color. It's an all-natural process, and as with handmade things, exact appearance will vary from card to card.

Forget-me-nots are a hardy perennial bushy plant that blooms early and long with vivid ultra-marine blue blossoms.

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