Carrot Seed Starting Kit with Plantable Paper and Pot

  • $ 8.00

Perfect for budding chefs or beginner gardeners, these sweet gift boxes supply everything needed to get started! Start carrot seeds in late summer or fall, and stagger planting throughout the year for carrots all year long.

Start the seeds growing right on your kitchen counter, window sill, or office desk. This earth-friendly gift includes 100% biodegradable materials - our unique recycled plantable paper that we make ourselves, plus our wonderful plant-based biodegradable pots.

Create your own custom arrangement from among 3 choices: Carrots, herbs, or flowers. Choose "set of 3" and receive one of each.

When the sprouts have grown strong, plant the entire pot in the ground. Or, remove the sprouts and re-use the pot with the next bit of seeds. The pot will naturally decompose as the carrots grow. If adding a miniature greenhouse biodome to your order, compost or re-use it with more seeds. Enjoy!

Each planting kit comes with the following:
- 1 plantable seed paper piece (your choice seed type)
- 1 eco-friendly biodegradable pot, 2 inch
- expandable soil pellet for growing
- planting instructions
- kraft paper gift box, 2 inches
- natural raffia ribbon
- tag that identifies the seed type

OPTIONAL: Upgrade your set to include our unique plant-based miniature desktop greenhouse biodomes. They help seeds stay damp to help them germinate. We use them to start all our seeds.

These clear cups are made entirely from plants: corn. Each one is 100% compostable and biodegradable. Growing with these cups helps seeds to sprout because they seal in moisture. The top features a vent hole with removable cover so you can let out excess moisture if it becomes too humid inside the biodome. The covers are labeled with the seed type. When you upgrade to the greenhouse biodome, you also receive a larger gift box, for a bigger, more impressive gift that is twice the size. After the seeds have sprouted, you can re-use the biodome for more seed sprouting with another pot and then compost it when done.

These fiber pots are a more environmentally sustainable choice than peat-based paper and plastic pots (peat takes thousands of years to form before it can even be harvested). These plant fiber pots also create a wonderful growing medium that can help seeds germinate and plants to grow. They are made from the fiber between the husk and outer shell of a coconut. Seedlings flourish in them and, because the pots can be planted right in the ground, root system and all, stress to delicate seedlings from being transplanted is reduced.

Growing with a biodegradable pot makes everything easy — just plant the entire pot right in the ground. No plastic waste left over.

The fiber inhibits mold growth and helps plants grow stronger root systems. The roots grow right through the sides of the pots instead of balling up inside a plastic pot. When using coir, plants require less fertilizer and are more resilient to disease. The fiber improves moisture flow and actually helps seeds sprout. All pots are made from 100% peat-free renewable fiber.

The seed paper pieces are made from recycled paper and embedded with the seeds to start the garden. Each one contains a specific seed type. To start the seed paper growing, simply wet it until it is completely damp and press it into damp soil.

Made with eco-friendly packaging that is either recycled or meant to be recycled. It is biodegradable and compostable.

All paper is made-to-order to promote freshness. You can select the seeds included in the paper: Basil, dill, parsley, lavender, kale, tomato, or a flower seed mix or herb seed mix. The flowers are a mix of annuals, for first year color, and also beautiful perennials for blooms in the years to follow: Snapdragons, cosmos, daisies, zinnia, poppies, cornflowers, asters, columbine, black-eyed susans, calendula, marigold, Sweet Williams / dianthus, and other pretty garden flower seeds as available. Planting instructions are included. Our plantable paper really does grow - that's a sprout growing right out of the plantable paper in the photo at the right! Growing is simple but not foolproof. The seeds will need proper care, just like other seeds. Lavender is a perennial that needs at least two seasons for full growth. Carrot is an edible root that grows best when the climate is cool/cold. You can grow and collect the seeds of annuals like kale, basil, dill, and parsley to plant again the next season.

Please note, these plantable pieces are handmade, not commercially produced, and so they have all of the subtle irregularities that make handmade items so lovely. Seed inclusions, exact color, and shape vary slightly from piece to piece. Each is unique.

Colors may vary but usually they are:
Carrots - orange leaf
Flowers - random assorted colors
Herbs - green leaf, plus a flower piece

** Please note, we cannot guarantee specific growth because seeds require proper care to grow and flourish. We can provide helpful tips and support when you need it. We are responsive and just an email away!

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