Plantable Seed Paper Cats - Catnip Seeds or Flower Seeds Grow a Cat Favors Cat-Lover Gifts

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Feline fanatics, these plantable seed paper cats are not your ordinary cats - they have been made from recycled, handmade paper that can be recycled itself in a unique way — by planting it!

The kitty lover who receives this fancy feline gets a double gift: Plant her, and she grows CATNIP. Or, flower seeds if you prefer!

Catnip is a perennial herb from the mint family.

Besides driving little lions crazy with ecstasy, it can be used to make tea. The flowering plant produces purple blossoms and will come up again in the spring year after year. It also self-seeds, giving you lots of baby plants to share with friends as the years go by.

** Truly a gift that keeps on giving **

Cats measure 3 tall x 2 inches wide.
Planting instructions are included as a PDF that can be emailed to you with your order. It is set up to print 8 cards to a sheet.

This paper really grows! You see sprouts growing right out of this plantable paper in the photo at the right. Please be aware catnip has a slower sprouting time and must be kept damp for several days before growth will begin. If you live in an arid zone, it is best to cover the soil to trap moisture until you see a sprout emerge and then water as needed. Please note, flower seed cats have a bumpier texture. Catnip seeds are smaller and produce a less bumpy appearance.

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