Seed Paper Plantable Hamsa Hands of Fatima

  • $ 12.00

These unique hamsas are such a sweet gift. Each one is made from recycled paper that has seeds embedded in it. The flower and all of its petals are seed embedded too so they can be planted as well. These are ephemeral good luck charms, meant to be savored and then sent on their way to bless the ground with new life. Plant it for luck and protection, and also help save the butterflies, bees, and pollinators that are attracted to the flowers.

Available in hands that are white, beige, or brown and with or without the flower centerpiece. A blessing card is included with instructions for planting on the back.

Perfect for weddings and other special celebrations. If you need a bulk order, please get in touch.

Order just 1 gift boxed or order 12 without any individual packaging.

The hamsa is an ancient good luck symbol that stretches back thousands of years. It spans the faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and can be found in the art, architecture, and decor of places spanning the Mediterranean to the Middle East. In Judaism it is known as a hamsa. In Christianity it is the hand of Mary, and in Islam, it is the hand of Fatima.

An offering of good luck that is also a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

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