Seed Paper Stars - 10

  • $ 10.00

Each handmade plantable paper star comes with flower seeds embedded right inside the paper. The paper is 100% recycled and completely biodegradable. As the seed paper decomposes, it sprouts and grows. An eco-friendly and affordable gift with meaning. Perfect for schools to recognize the importance of staff, teachers, and community.

Plant in warm soil (+75F) and keep damp to promote germination.

White, cream, beige, tan, brown, pale yellow, sunshine yellow, golden yellow, light baby blue, medium / cornflower blue, faded navy / dark blue, royal blue, pale pink, pink / rose, hot pink, merlot / burgundy, red, peach, coral, burnt orange, chartreuse, mint green, kelly green, dark green / forest, olive, seafoam green, aqua / turquoise, teal, lilac, and purple. Other colors available by special request.


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