Plantable Paper Zoo Animals with Flower Seeds

  • $ 10.00

Each plantable paper zoo animal is embedded with a mix of perennial and annual flower seeds right inside the paper — you can grow them.

Choose just one animal type -or- choose assorted animals including: Elephant, lion, gorilla, monkey, giraffe, polar bears, rhinos, hippos, and more. We even have a crab and a little sea otter. If you'd like the animals to be made in a non-natural color scheme, we can do that. Just let us know what colors you'd like at checkout, otherwise they will be 'normal' animal colors such as yellows for the giraffes, oranges/red for the lions, blues/grays for the elephant, brown and black for the gorillas, and so on.

Like the look of the animals with the hearts tied on? Looking for cards, too? You can find them by clicking here.

.............. SIZE ................
Animals vary in size but always the largest dimension is around 3 inches tall or wide. Lambs are slightly longer and are just under 4 inches long. Monkeys, foxes, and giraffes are small and sweet - 3 inches x 1.3 inches, while polar bears, gorillas, elephants, and tree frogs have a larger feel because they are wider - 3 inches x 2.5 to 3 inches depending on the animal type.

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