24 Plantable Crab Valentines - Pinch of Love

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A pinch of love for you, and YOU and YOU too!!

The crab 'holds' a heart full of love - and flower seeds. Plant the heart to grow zinnia, cosmos, snapdragons, daisies, poppies, and more. Snap these up to give now (for Valentine's Day) and also have on hand to share the love throughout the year.

Have a pinch in a pocket, purse, or backpack ready to cheer up anyone who might be having a crabby day. It's simple kind gestures like this that mean so much to others and let them know you care.

Always perfect for kid's classroom Valentine's exchange because these are a nice alternative to candy and plastic junk. Valentine's Day is a perfect time of year to give them since spring is right around the corner.

Each package contains cute color printed "A Pinch of Love" crab cards along with plantable hearts. They are hand punched from plantable paper embedded with a mix of perennial and annual flower seeds and can be planted to grow. It's a Valentine and a bouquet!

Yes - personalization is included! Type the name for the middle band in the notes box at checkout. There is a character limit of 22 including spaces.

Seed list and planting instructions are printed on the back of each card.

Cards are about 2.5 x 3.75 inches. Hearts are 2 inches.

Specify the color of plantable heart - or a variety. The hearts don't have to be pink / red, they can be blue, purple, yellow, or any color you'd like!

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