Seed Paper Clovers - BFF Gift - Celtic charm friendship bracelet alternative - Sustainable - Recycled Paper

  • $ 10.00

Good friends are hard to find but lucky to have! This cheerful and totally unique gift box contains an amazing four-leaf clover that is indeed LUCKY - plant it and it grows flowers!

The clover is made entirely from recycled paper, that we have embedded seeds into to plant and grow. Love truly does grow! A perfect way to share the love with your BFF.

The clover is 3 inches and is packaged inside a neat little gift box that doubles as a miniature greenhouse to get the seeds started. Full planting instructions are included on a card on the back of the box.

The paper clover contains a carefully chosen combination of flower seeds for planting in climate zones 3-10: Zinnia, marigolds, snapdragons, pink cosmos, blue cornflowers, black-eyed susans, red and pink poppies, white shasta daisies, calendula, and godetia. Plant just like regular seeds.

Personalized gift boxes include wrapping, and a custom printed gift card with your own wording, in addition to the card shown. The gift card is on the outside of the box and packaged like it is a gift from you. You must order a personalized box for this.

You can type in the message you'd like printed on the gift card in the box at checkout (next page). To have it shipped directly to the recipient, give their address instead of your own in the ship-to address field.

If you include a message at checkout but do not order a personalized gift box, your box will come exactly as shown with no gift card.

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