Don't Go Bacon My Heart Kids School Valentines - Choice of 1 Gift Box or Set of 12

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These cheerful plantable pigs are such a sweet gift for Valentine's day to share the love. Each little pink pig has flower seeds embedded right inside it and can be planted to grow flowers. An Earth-forward and friendly alternative to candy. Cards and instructions for planting are included.

Order just 1 as a gift box for someone special or order a whole set of 12 with or without packaging. You can choose the type of packaging from the drop down menu.

Personalize this!
Have a name and short message printed on the back of the cards. There is room for 'love from _____' or a short message of 3-5 words. We can also change the wording for the front of the cards.

The gift box option is one plantable pig and card packaged perfectly inside a clear plastic box tied with red and white cotton. The box doubles as a greenhouse you can use to get the seeds growing. Just add soil and keep damp. Instructions are included. Choose "Gift Box" for this option. Remember it is just one box, one gift. There is also a choice for 12 of them in the menu.

If you wish to forego packaging, please choose the option for "just pigs" and you will receive just the pigs and cards, 12 of each.

If a little bit of packaging works best for you, choose the option for "paper packaging" and you will receive 12 each of plantable paper pigs, cards, wax paper envelopes and the cotton thread.

............... PLANTING SEEDS ...............
All paper is made-to-order to promote freshness. Seeds are meant for planting in 2019-2020 though our plantable seed paper can keep for 18 months or more if kept dry and away from heat and humidity.

Seeds are a mix of annuals, for first year color, and perennials for blooms in the years to follow: Snapdragons, cosmos, daisies, zinnia, poppies, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, asters, columbine, black-eyed susans, calendula, marigold, lupine, Sweet William, dianthus, and other garden flower seeds as available. Planting is simple but not foolproof: Just plant 1/4 inch under soil in warm sunlight and keep damp to grow.

Monitor and care for them as needed. Full growth will require deeper soil and strong, consistent sunlight.

....... CARD STYLE .......
If you would like to change the wording on the cards, that can be done. Just get in touch and let us know what you'd like.

You can add the plantable daisy flowers and hearts to your order:
^ To add flowers
^ To add hearts

Valentines need to be 'stuffed' upon arrival, so you can write names of your own if you like on the backs of the cards. (There is room to write, along with planting instructions).


Through winter, most orders ship out after 2-4 business days. During spring and summer, orders can take longer. Shipping cost is based on weight and distance. You are always welcome to upgrade to faster shipping options at checkout.

.... QUESTIONS? ......

If you have questions about this product, shipping, or would like to speak with us directly, please email us.

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