Plantable Seed Paper Koalas - Party Favors - Gray Koalas - Kale Seeds or Flower Seeds

  • $ 24.00

Each plantable seed paper koala has been cut from seed paper embedded with your choice of flower seeds or kale seeds. Instead of them being thrown away and creating waste, they can be planted to grow! Kale is one of the healthiest leafy greens around, and it is quite easy to sprout. Kale is perfect for planting in cool weather and can be harvested to eat, even in frosty conditions. Flower seed koalas can be grown in nearly any climate, and do best in gardening zones 3-10.

The seed paper koalas are a creative favor that guests can take home with them after the event. Dress them up a bit and combine with leaves, cards, and even pots.If you prefer flower seeds, no problem! We also offer those and you can choose them from the drop down menu.

SIZE: 2 inches tall

....... PLANTING NOTE ......
When you harvest kale, you can leave some of it to go to seed. Collect the seeds from your plant, and plant kale season after season. It's a gift that keeps on giving. The flower seed koalas have a mix of annuals and perennial flowers. Annuals can be left to go to seed and you can collect and re-seed for blooms the following year. Perennials take two seasons for growth and then come back every year as long as they are well cared for. Many perennials are low maintenance once established.

Gray is the standard color, however you may special request them in any color in the special instructions box at checkout.

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