Kraft Sunflower Wedding Favor Cards - with flower seed paper hearts

  • $ 14.00

Now on recycled post-consumer content Kraft paper card stock!

Let the love grow with these sunflower theme wedding favors. These heartfelt seed paper favors are the perfect choice for couples wishing to go green. Each one is 100% biodegradable and made from recycled materials. After the big day, guests can plant them to have a lasting -- and beautiful -- reminder of the love shared that grows year after year. Please note - this particular seed paper does not contain sunflower seeds.

Personalize this!
Give your names/date when you checkout. You may also specify a color for the hearts. Leave a note when you checkout.

Full seed list and planting instructions are printed on the back of each card.

Cards are about 2.5 x 3.75 inches. Hearts are 2 inches.
Kraft paper card stock unless you specify otherwise.

We make the seed paper ourselves and have complete control over the seeds that go in them, the color, and because of this we can ensure the seed paper hearts are fresh and always made to order. Additionally, we have chosen the seed mix to produce big beautiful blooms for well-known and well-loved garden flowers: Pink and red poppies, black-eyed susans, marigolds, snapdragons, blue bachelor buttons, shasta daisies, pink cosmos, columbine, and godetia. We also test its growth four times a year to ensure germination. Some of the flowers are annuals for first year blooms and others are perennial for blooms year after year. To grow the paper, plant as you would ordinary seeds. Keep warm and damp and in direct sunlight.

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