Plantable Let the Love Grow Flower Seed Wedding Favors

  • $ 92.00

Go green and let the love grow!

This earth-friendly kit contains everything you need to give a sustainable gift with meaning. Included are completely biodegradable, plantable pots and seed paper, plus personalized cards with planting instructions.

Choose your own wording, change the heart color if you like, and also the ribbon color. If needed, you can also change the graphic to suit your event if you have one you like better.

The seed paper hearts are made from recycled paper that has been embedded with a variety of high-quality flower seeds.

Each gift set includes the following:
- biodegradable pots
- gift boxes
- tissue paper in white
- plantable heart
- personalized card, favor tag
- soil

Soil pellets are concentrated disks of soil that expand when watered to fill the pots.

Growing with a biodegradable pot makes everything easy — just plant the entire pot right in the ground. No need to transplant, no plastic waste left over.

These fiber pots are a more environmentally sustainable choice than peat-based and plastic pots (peat takes thousands of years to form before it can even be harvested). They also create a wonderful growing medium that helps seeds germinate and plants grow. They are made from the fiber between the husk and outer shell of a coconut. Seedlings flourish in them and, because the pots can be planted right in the ground, root system and all, stress to delicate seedlings from being transplanted is reduced.

The fiber inhibits mold growth and helps plants grow stronger root systems. The roots grow right through the sides of the pots instead of balling up inside a plastic pot. When using this type of pot, plants require less fertilizer and are more resilient to disease. All pots are made from 100% peat-free renewable fiber.


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