50 Plantable Seed Paper Ladybugs - Little Lady Party Favor - Red

  • $ 32.00

These seed paper ladybugs are extra special — they contain flower seeds and can be planted to grow! Perfect for party favors and kids' classroom events, corporate celebrations of growth, garden weddings and more. Instead of creating waste, plant the ladybugs to grow!

Use them for decorations at the party and as favors to take home after the event. 

Each ladybug is handmade using a special blend of flower seeds that are perfect to grow anywhere in the US.

These beautiful plantable paper ladybugs are generously confetti at 2 inches tall - not the typical one inch size. Just one is needed to plant, although the more, the merrier!

Red is the standard color, however you may special request them in any color.

Using the drop down menu, you can choose to add cards to your order. Both birthday cards and baby shower cards are available. All costs include the ladybugs too. Planting instructions are printed on the backs of the cards.

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