Plantable Valentines Day Card - Flower Seed Paper

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It's a card and a flower bouquet in one! Included is a plantable heart lock and a plantable key.
Kisses and hugs for your sweetheart that can be planted to grow. Valentine's Day is a perfect time for seeds as spring is right around the corner.

Envelopes are included (choose cherry red or cream). The colorful printed card with a charming heart graphic has room to write a personalized message on the back. Planting instructions are included there too. The lock and key are hand punched from plantable paper chock full of a mix of perennial and annual flower seeds and can be planted to grow. It's a Valentine and a bouquet!

We can customize the card text too if you have a different message you'd like to use. We are more than happy to whip up a custom anything! Just let us know what sort of thing or wording you have in mind in the Special Instructions box at checkout.

The card and envelope are 3.5 x 5 inches. The keys are 3 inches long, locks are about 2.5 inches.

To grow the lock and key:

Simply plant under 1/4" of fertile soil in a warm sunny pot or garden space and keep damp. The lock and key can be started indoors in a small pot at any time of year. Move outside in the spring after the threat of frost has passed to promote continued growth. Or, save them until spring and plant then. For best results, plant locks and keys on top or just under a thin layer of soil in warm weather in good sunlight and keep continuously damp to promote germination. Monitor and care for them as needed. If planted on top of soil, the lock and key paper should be covered with a dusting of soil as soon as you see sprouts.

All paper is made-to-order to promote freshness. Through winter, the wait time after most orders are placed is about 4-7 business days before an order ships. During spring and summer, orders take longer, 2-3 weeks. If you need your order within a specific time frame, please contact us to see if your order can arrive in time. Upgraded faster shipping may be necessary.
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