Love Having You As a Friend Sloooow Much!

  • $ 14.00

Sloths are just the sweetest little animals. We want to be friends with all of them! Share your love for the sloths with these wonderfully charming valentines. Friendly for the Earth too. Instead of creating waste, they can be planted to grow flowers - real zinnias, cosmos, marigolds, snapdragons, daisies, poppies and more! Beautiful, creative, and all recycled.

Set of 12 to share the love slooooooow much!

Each 2" heart has flower seeds embedded right inside it. An Earth-forward alternative to candy, plastic, and other predictable little knick knacks. Instructions for planting are included.

These are such a sweet gift for Valentine's day to share the love. Adding paper packaging to your order means white wax paper bags are included. They are a cute way to package them, should you desire to do that.
Find more sloth gift ideas here:
You can add extra tiny hearts to your order:
^ To add more hearts that are tiny ^
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If you would like to change the wording on the cards, that can be done. Just get in touch and let us know what you'd like.

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