10+ plantable paper sunflower wedding favors

  • $ 12.00

Each handmade plantable paper flower is chock full of an assortment of perennial and annual flower seeds embedded right inside the paper. Use them as decorations at table settings, as place cards, on wish trees, and as wedding favors guests can take home for a wonderful reminder of the love that you share.

Choose the color of flower center pieces you'd like for your event, too. We have a wide assortment of color choices as well as custom colors. Color choices are listed below. If you would like to use our template to make cards to go with the plantable flowers, like those shown in the photos, please email us. We can email you a standard template or a custom template. Custom templates are personalized and can feature color printing.

Size: Flowers are 3 inches by 3 inches.

Plantable flowers in your choice of color/s + personalized template to print the banner cards. Different quantities are always available by request. The card shown with the flowers is an example of the personalized template.

............COLOR CHOICES..............
White, cream, beige, tan, light brown/milk chocolate, chocolate/dark brown, pale yellow, sunshine yellow, golden yellow, dark/mustard yellow, butterscotch, light baby blue, medium/cornflower blue, faded navy/dark blue, slate blue/blue gray, light baby pink, pink, dark/hot pink, rose, merlot/burgundy, red, peach, salmon/orange, burnt orange, chartreuse, kiwi/lime green, mint green, dark green, light sage, olive, seafoam green, aqua, turquoise, teal, light lavender/lilac, purple, light gray, and charcoal gray. Other colors are available by request, too.

........... TEMPLATES .........
The personalized template is a free PDF with purchase of the flowers. We email you a PDF file that prints the planting instructions on one end and personalized text on the other end and has a space in the middle where you can lay the plantable flower piece - to look similar to those shown in the photos. It is meant to print using home/office inkjet/laser printers. The personalized template includes your names/wedding date or other message/text of your choosing, as long as it fits. You may also choose an accent color. To print your personalized template in color, you will need to use an inkjet or laser printer. Printing on 100-110 lb cardstock is recommended.

........... PRINTED BANNER .........
If you prefer to have the banner cards printed for you, the cost is $1 additional per banner card. You can personalize the cards with names/wedding date or other message/text of your choosing, as long as it fits. You may also choose an accent color. We are happy to print guest names so that you can use the banner cards as place cards. They are $1.50 each. Please contact us before you order if you would like to order the printed banner cards.

All paper is made-to-order to promote freshness. Through winter, the wait time after most orders are placed is about 4-7 business days before an order ships. During spring and summer, orders take longer, 2-3 weeks. If you need your order within a specific time frame, please contact us to see if your order can arrive in time. Upgraded faster shipping may be necessary.

.... QUESTIONS? ......

If you have questions about this product, shipping, or would like to speak with us directly, please email us.

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