Giraffes Baby Shower Seed Favors - Plantable Seed Paper Personalized - Kids Birthday - Zoo Wedding - with Flower Seeds

  • $ 9.80

These special plantable giraffes are not your ordinary giraffes! Each contains a mix of perennial and annual flower seeds embedded right in the paper — you grow them! Perfect for baby showers, birthday parties and gifts, weddings, and animal lovers. Use them alone as favors or dress them up with personalized cards, pots, and gift boxes for a memorable and thoughtful gift that won't break the bank. 

Choose the type of set (and giraffe size) you would like from the drop down menu.

- Just giraffes 
- giraffes plus loose hearts to tie on - DIY style
- giraffes with hearts already tied on
- giraffes with personalized poem cards 

Yes, you can choose the color scheme! 

....... SIZES ........
We offer 2 sizes of giraffe! They come in sets of 10. You may choose:

SMALL: Our 'small and sweet' giraffe is 3 inches tall, about 1.3 wide (shown with hearts tied on). The cards that come with the small giraffes are 3x3 inches. The cards are not hole-punched, nor are they tied on. You can do that when you receive them if you wish.

LARGE: Our large giraffes are about 5 inches tall, about 2 inches wide (shown with color card, and in hand). The cards that come with the large giraffes are 5x3 inches. The cards are not hole-punched, nor are they tied on. You can do that when you receive them if you wish.

............COLOR CHOICES..............
White, cream, beige, tan, light brown/milk chocolate, chocolate/dark brown, pale yellow, sunshine yellow, golden yellow, dark/mustard yellow, butterscotch, light baby blue, medium/cornflower blue, faded navy/dark blue, slate blue/blue gray, light baby pink, pink, dark/hot pink, rose, merlot/burgundy, red, peach, salmon/orange, burnt orange, chartreuse, kiwi, mint green, dark green, sage, olive, seafoam green, aqua, turquoise, teal, light lavender/lilac, purple, light gray, and charcoal gray. Other colors are available by request, too.

All paper is made-to-order to promote freshness. Through winter, the wait time after most orders are placed is about 4-7 business days before an order ships. During spring and summer, orders can take longer, typically 1-3 weeks. If you need your order within a specific time frame, please contact us to see if your order can arrive in time. You are always welcome to upgrade to faster shipping options at checkout.

.... QUESTIONS? ......

If you have questions about this product, shipping, or would like to speak with us directly, please email us.

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